Temperature-sensitive products

With 65 tankers we are the specialist in the transport of temperature-sensitive heavy products like chocolate, cocoa mass, and cocoa butter. These are great but delicate products that need to be kept at exactly the right temperature during transport. The products usually have to be delivered right-on-time, that is why we offer heated storage and transport. We use the knowledge and expertise of our drivers make sure that they are sent on route with the right equipment, meeting all of your requirements. 


Quality through technology
Quality through technology
Specialist in Northern and Western Europe
Specialist in Northern and Western Europe
The best people for the job
The best people for the job
Safety and guaranteed quality first
Safety and guaranteed quality first

Specialist in Northern and Western Europe

Need tanker transport to Denmark or France? We will lead the way! With our extensive network we can quickly switch ‘gears’ between transport possibilities across the whole of Northern and Western Europe:

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • France
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Finland


We will also deliver your liquid products across the pond, thanks to our intensive cooperation with sister company Melkweg|Fritom. We will cross the pond for you to:

  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland

Quality through technology

The features of our fleet show that our tankers are equipped with state-of-the-art gear, like an electric pump, compressor, sterile filter, and heating. Thus, our tankers are specifically equipped to maintain the quality of temperature-sensitive products like, for example, chocolate. We constantly invest in the latest innovations to stay up to date. Some of our fleet facts:

  • One, two, three or four compartments
  • High quality isolation
  • Tank and pump heating
  • Compressor with germ filter
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Sealing options at loading and discharge locations
  • Extensive range of stainless-steel adapters and reducers


Via our own IT-integration our drivers are able to report (the need for) small repairs and maintenance directly to our garage in Enter. We prevent breakdowns and possible delays by proactive inspection and maintenance.


“As our preferred carrier of choice, Bidon|Fritom is an important and flexible link”

Bert Dusselier of Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate

Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate

The best people for the job

The transportation of temperature-sensitive products requires people with expertise, experience, and responsibility. We only work with well-educated drivers, of which many have been working for us for years. The drivers are trained as fully-fledged process operators; they are familiar with the products and procedures and watch over the critical parameters like temperature and food safety.


You know like no one else that the raw materials for chocolate are expensive. Together we work to get a maximum return. For example: our drivers unload ‘smart’, leaving as little residue behind as possible on the walls of the tank or in the discharge hoses.

Ensure food quality and safety

Food quality and safety are of the utmost importance. We ensure this via the following quality certificates:

  • ISO 22000 – This certification offers a clear context for the quality and continuous improvement of food safety. This shows you that we are on top of managing the risks around food safety.
  • Kosher – We are also kosher certified, meaning that all food and ingredients used during preparation meet the kashrut regulations and is thus approved for consumption by Jewish people.
Tankwagen Transport Veiligheid Voorop Voedselkwaliteit Bidon Fritom 001

Benefit from

  • Specialists in Northern and Western Europe
  • Quality through technology
  • The best people for the job
  • Ensured food quality and safety



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Tamme Leenstra
Director business development