Tanker transport

With a fleet of 65 road tankers we are your liquid bulk logistic tanker specialist when it comes to transporting liquids for the food, feed and tech industry.  We transport the following liquid products but not limited to like:

  • Chocolate & Cocoa products
  • Dairy products
  • Refined vegetable oils & fats
  • Molasses
  • Emulsifiers
  • Lecithin
  • Glycerine
  • Glucose & sugars
  • Used cooking oil
  • Bio diesel
  • Animal byproducts (CAT3)
  • Waste & non hazardous products
Specialist in Northern and Western Europe
Specialist in Northern and Western Europe
Always right-in-time including mobile storage
Always right-in-time including mobile storage
The best of the best when it comes to equipment
The best of the best when it comes to equipment
Bringing a specialized team into play
Bringing a specialized team into play
Safety and guaranteed quality first
Safety and guaranteed quality first
Be up to date 24/7
Be up to date 24/7
Tanker transport for food, feed and tech industry
Tanker transport for food, feed and tech industry

Specialist in Northern and Western Europe

Need tanker transport to Denmark or France? We will lead the way! With our extensive network we can quickly switch ‘gears’ between transport possibilities across the whole of Northern and Western Europe:

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • France
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Finland


We will also deliver your liquid products in cooperation with sister company Melkweg|Fritom, across the North and Irish Sea to the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Always right-in-time including mobile storage

Production capacity and customer demand are not always in sync. As your logistics manager we know how to tackle this. When necessary, we will always be there for you to set up our heated tankers in a mobile tank storage facility for you on location. We even turn mobility up a notch: at our locations in Bolsward and Enter we have a mobile pump. These pumps are normally used for transferring liquids from tankers to the tanks at factories, but we are also able to pump liquids from one tanker into another in case of a breakdown or accident. This guarantees a smoothly running ongoing production process. Whenever you want, wherever you want – at an affordable price.



Tankwagen Transport Mobiele Opslagcapaciteit Bidon Fritom 602

The best of the best when it comes to equipment

We don’t want to brag, but it is safe to say that we have state-of-the-art equipment. Our tankers are equipped with one, two, three, or four compartments. They all have an electric stainless-steel discharge pump and sterile filters. And let’s not forget the electric heating that offers the possibility for heated transportation and storage. Our latest tankers are electropolished, and thus focused to maintain the quality standard of the transported goods. We also offer tankers equipped with CIP (Cleaning in Place), tankers for the transport of technical products container chassis for the transportation of tank containers.


We have our own workshop in Enter for maintenance and repairs. Thanks to IT-integration, our drivers are able to call in requests for small repairs directly at our garage. Our proactive inspection and maintenance prevent breakdowns and therefore possible delays.

Tankwagen Transport Gespecialiseerd Team Bidon Fritom 9362

Bringing a specialized team into play

A team of highly-qualified drivers and an experienced team of specialists are at your service. We emphasise on highly qualified drivers because our drivers, amongst other things, make sure that product residue in the tankers is at its minimum, saving you money. Our team of specialists has many years of hands-on experience, is trained in-house and has up-to-date knowledge of all relevant legislation and regulations regarding transportation and food safety. Our specialists are also closely involved with their drivers and clients. We constantly monitor performance and customer satisfaction based on KPI’s.

In turn, you will have a single point of contact regarding shipments or rates. You’ll also benefit from our close collaboration with our sister company Melkweg|Fritom, enabling us to achieve maximum synergy for you. Our IT-systems are perfectly aligned with one another and our internal communication runs smoothly. We are also capable of quickly shifting between intermodal and modal transport, allowing us to look at which equipment and which modality is best suited for your product. This can be a Bidon|Fritom tanker, but also a Melkweg|Fritom tank container.

Safety and guaranteed quality first

Always aim for guaranteed quality. That is also what we do and our quality certificates prove this:

  • ISO 22000 – This certification offers a clear context for the quality and continuous improvement of food safety. This shows you that we are on top of managing the risks around food safety.
  • GMP+FSA – This certification demonstrates that we meet all requirements and conditions to guarantee feed safety.
  • Kosher – We are also kosher certified, meaning that all food and ingredients used during preparation meet the kashrut regulations and is thus approved for consumption by Jewish people.
  • Permits – For tech transports we have all required permits. ‘Anzeige nach § 53 KrWG’ applies to the transport of waste in Germany and ‘Category 3 permit’ for the transport of animal by-products.

Be up to date 24/7

You will always be up to date, because information like pickup and delivery times are put into and processed via our drivers’ board computers or the board computer app on their phone or tablet immediately. The system links this information directly to your order in the Transport Management System (TMS), which is available to you in the online client portal. In this portal you can also download the CMR, the cleaning certificate, and other documents. 


The communication is also secured by the Order Entry team and our Transport Management System, in which your standard order loading and discharge instructions are secured. Standard orders are accompanied by cleaning procedures, of which both the planner and the driver know the requirements. This way you are guaranteed everything will be done according to your specific needs.

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Benefit from

  • Specialists in Northern and Western Europe
  • Always on-time, including mobile storage
  • The best of the best when it comes to equipment
  • Bringing a specialized team into play
  • Safety and guaranteed quality first
  • Being up to date 24/7

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