Corporate social responsibility

At Bidon|Fritom we find it important to make a positive contribution to society. That’s why we have corporate social responsibility (CSR) high on the agenda in our daily business operations. It keeps the CSR-approach on the radar and makes it a clear and key part of our everyday job.

Sustainable on the road as well as in the office

As a logistic service provider, we obviously make a lot of mileage for our customers. Our intermodal solutions are focused on doing this as sustainably as possible. So, where we can, we cover the longest distances by train or ship, and go by road with our tankers only for the front- and back end transport.

For our energy-neutral office building, including garage and carwash, in Bolsward, we have used as many sustainable products as possible. The roof is covered with solar panels and we collect rainwater to clean equipment and flush toilets. Even our employees’ bicycle shed is ‘green’: it is made out of a recycled tank container of our sister company Melkweg|Fritom.

Local involvement

We want to make a positive contribution to society through various activities. That is why we have supported various local initiatives like the Team Wybe Foundation and the North Sea Illness foundation in the past. Nowadays we sponsor the local inline skating track, football club, and Food Bank as well.

Good employment practices

It is our responsibility to be a good and social employer. After all, you will only achieve beautiful things when you do them together. That is why we have organized, for example, skid and driving skills trainings. Because it matters highly to us that our employees can drive to and from work safely.