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“Together with Bidon|Fritom we build towards a sustainable logistic solution. It is important to us that our partner is capable of thinking out-of-the-box. This makes Bidon|Fritom a great service provider and reliable partner.”

— Contitank BV

Contitank BV: “Bidon|Fritom is a reliable partner - together we go off the beaten track”

Together, Contitank and Bidon|Fritom offer a one-stop-shop possibility for the transportation and storage of liquid bulk products. Transparency, direct communication, and maximum flexibility are central in the process. By optimally using each other’s capacities and qualities, a logistic concept has emerged in the Northern part of The Netherlands, which more and more companies want to use.

Contitank is based in Farmsum near Delfzijl, Groningen, The Netherlands. It is a full-service logistic service provider with modern storage tanks, specifically designed for feed and vegetable oils and fats. The products are shipped by sea- and inland vessels, trains, and trucks (in flexibags or ISO-tank containers), stored safely and securely and dispatched from the storage facility. Contitank also offers the possibility to have products mixed, heated, and packed in smaller quantities. With 24 storage tanks, Contitank has a total storage capacity of 39,000 m3. The tankage can vary between 50 m3 and 5,000 m3.

A few years ago, Bidon|Fritom contacted Contitank. Specialized in the transport of liquid bulk products, Bidon|Fritom wanted to be able to meet its clients’ requests for tank storage. By maximally using each other’s services a strong logistic concept was born. For our clients a single point of contact is very important. Direct information and quicker administrative handling make for a faster process flow for our clients.

The collaboration has a wide base. Commercially as well as operationally our processes are intertwined. This results in clients receiving one offer that includes a total service package. Besides taking care of the physical transport delivery, dispatch, and storage of liquid products, we also offer additional services of value to our clients.

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