Our story

As Bidon|Fritom our roots lie in the Dutch province of Overijssel. Due to its strategic location our parking lot and garage are located here as well. 

1971: The origin of Melkweg Zwolle

Melkweg Bolsward starts up Melkweg Zwolle in May 1971 as a continuation of the tank transportation company founded by the Jansen family. This company drives for dairy factories in Overijssel and Gelderland. Their biggest client is the whey product factory in Borculo.

Two years prior, the company Melkweg was founded in Friesland under the initiative of the transport entrepreneur Jan Wiersma from Bolsward, who saw opportunities in the new type of transportation of milk from farm to factory: milk collection. In this plan, he involved the enterprises Veenstra from Heeg, Kuipers from Oosterzee, and Doorenbos from Bolsward.

Mmc 1997

1989: Melkweg intermodal tanktransportation

In 1989 the company Melkweg Müller Combination was founded which was specialized in intermodal transport of liquid food with tankcontainers. From 2006 the name changed into Melkweg|Fritom and the intermodal tank transport was combined with the bulk milk collection into 1 company. From Bolsward we now organize the transport of food, feed and technical products by road, water and rails.

2003: New name and move to Enter

In 2003 the food divisions of Melkweg Zwolle and Müller Transport Holten unite under a new name: Müller Melkweg Transport. Together, they move to Enter.

Oude Bidon Muller
Bidon 2006 (1)

2006: Name change in Bidon Logistics B.V.

In 2006, Fritom takes over the shares of Müller Transport Holten. The company continues on under the name Bidon Logistiek B.V.

2016: Cooperation with Melkweg|Fritom

In 2016, we merged our operational activities with Melkweg|Fritom in Bolsward. This way, we can work even more efficiently. Together Bidon|Fritom and Melkweg|Fritom form the division Fritom Liquid Logistics. When necessary, we look at how we can work together in the most efficient manner, so that we will always be able to provide the best possible logistical service to our clients. The combined turnover of Fritom Liquid Logistics makes up 35% of the total revenue of the Fritom Group.

Logistieke optimalisatie en ontzorging

Now: The logistic service provider of liquid food

Onze expertise gaat verder voor u
Bidon Met Melkweg

Specialized in niche markets

We operate in niche markets and are specialized in, amongst other things, the transport of chocolate for various large producers. Chocolate is a beautiful product that comes with specific demands for transport, as it is a temperature-sensitive product. Our tankers meet all requirements to ensure our clients’ chocolate stays liquid during transport. The knowledge and expertise of our drivers is of importance for the quality and efficiency of this supply chain. They, for example, make sure that product residue in the tankers is at its minimum, helping the client save costs.

New market developments

In addition to the transport of chocolate we focus on horizontal expansion by transporting technical products for industrial clients. For this we use tanker trucks specifically designed to transport tech products. These developments allow us to expand our expertise and therefore offer even more clients the best possible logistic solution.

Het neusje van de zalm als het gaat om materieel
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Collaboration with Melkweg|Fritom

In 2016 we merged our office activities with Melkweg|Fritom in Bolsward, resulting in a more efficient planning- and administrative process for both companies. Together with Melkweg|Fritom we form the Fritom Liquid Logistics division. We always look at in what field and how we can work more closely together, so we can continue to offer the best logistic service to our clients.  The combined revenue of Fritom Liquid Logistics makes of 35% of the total revenue of the Fritom Group.

Different fields of expertise

Both companies have their own field of expertise. Bidon|Fritom is a carrier using tankers for liquid products. Melkweg|Fritom also transports liquids but does so by using tank containers. These containers can be transported via road, rail, or water. The Melkweg|Fritom containers cover many miles within Europe and beyond. Bidon|Fritom stays a bit closer to home with transports mainly in the Benelux, France, Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom.