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Bidon|Fritom and Melkweg|Fritom form the liquid food division of the Fritom Group. Learn more about us and discover our story, what motivates us, and the Fritom Group.

Our Story

Bidon|Fritom was established when Müller Transport and Melkweg Zwolle merged. The new company became known as Müller Melkweg. This company later merged into Bidon Logistics, as an independent company within the Fritom Group.

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Our story
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Logistieke optimalisatie en ontzorging

What makes us tick

As a family business Bidon|Fritom is closely involved with its colleagues and you as client. The most innovative equipment and automation complete our core values.

More about what makes us tick

More about what makes us tick

Part of the Fritom Group

Bidon|Fritom is one of the subsidiaries of the Fritom Group. Fritom stands for the smart logistic service provider that is always on the lookout for the best possible logistic solutions. We are part of the top logistic service providers in The Netherlands.

More about the Fritom Group

More about the Fritom Group