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Why choose Bidon|Fritom?

If you are talking intensive logistic collaboration, you are saying Bidon|Fritom. With our fleet of 65 liquid road tankers we transport liquid products for the food, feed and tech industry. We are your logistic expert. Our close network, high-quality and high-performing equipment and experienced drivers represent the perfect combination meeting all your requirements for transport, storage and water supply management. We bring smart IT-solutions, extensive experience and our specialists to the table, so you can focus on what you are good at. Bidon|Fritom your supply chain liquid logistics service provider.

That's why they choose Bidon|Fritom

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“As our preferred carrier of choice, Bidon|Fritom is an important and flexible link”

Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate and Bidon|Fritom have been working closely together for years in a row. Bidon|Fritom has proven to be the flexible partner that Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate requires.

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“Bidon|Fritom is a reliable partner - together we go off the beaten track”

Contitank and Bidon|Fritom together offer a one-stop-shop possibility for the transportation and storage of liquid bulk products. Transparency, direct communication and maximum flexibility are central in the process.

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‘’ Bidon|Fritom is a transport company that has succeeded in maintaining the traditional values and strengths of a good carrier.‘’

Food quality and safety are of upmost importance for Bidon|Fritom. To safeguard this, a good cleaning station is required. For us, Ieperse Truckwash & Tankcleaning is a cleaning station that works precisely and professionally, which is why they have been a reliable and trusted partner of ours since 2017.

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